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Why Data Governance should be an essential part of your business strategy

by Ezekiel Ola

Posted on September 26, 2019

Business Data Analyst, Ezekiel Ola emphasises the significance of implementing data governance techniques to aid effective decision making within organisations. Using theories taught in Kubrick’s 16-week development programme as well as practical experience learnt on client site, Ezekiel gives an in-depth insight into the power of data governance as a strategic tool.

Ezekiel is 15 months into his employment with Kubrick and is consulting on site at a multinational interdealer broker.

The dos and don'ts of implementing a Data Governance Strategy

by Tom White

Posted on August 23, 2019

Business Data Analyst, Tom White uses technical knowledge from his Kubrick training coupled with his real-world experience to stress the importance of functional data governance strategies within organisations. He also discusses the best ways to implement a data governance strategy by highlighting the dos and don'ts.

Having completed Kubrick’s data governance development programme earlier this year, Tom is now a trained Business Data Analyst and is based on-site with one of Kubrick’s large insurance clients. He assists our client in the day to day strategy of their data by using the most relevant practical applications and conceptual theories to articulate, shape and implement a high-quality data strategy within their organisation.

Can Data Save the Planet?

by Chloe Ching

Posted on March 26, 2018

There’s no doubt that data is the core of technology advancement and one of the reasons businesses are so successful. But the question that many people are still baffled by is what exactly is big data? To answer this, big data is a term used when datasets are so large that normal processing tools cannot process it sufficiently. Some application of data processing includes engineering, munging, analysing and visualisation. So why exactly is this important to us?
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