We create outstanding data engineers, analysts, scientists and governance specialists expertly trained to solve your data challenges.

Let us take the risk on so you don't have to

We employ the very best junior professionals with strong backgrounds in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Only 1% of applications pass our rigorous assessment process. All of our employees go through our unique training programme to equip them with the latest skills in data engineering, data analytics, data science or data governance.

Our clients enjoy a highly skilled, low-risk, cost effective consultancy solution:

  • Highly skilled professionals trained in the latest technology and data methodologies guarantee value from day one

  • Once on-boarded, our data professionals give you a far greater return on investment than a conventional contractor or consultant

  • Opportunity for data consultants to join your workforce permanently with no fee after an initial period

  • Guaranteed delivery – we will not rotate our consultants, renegotiate or negatively affect your project

What our clients say

Building an elite Data Analytics team to answer some of the businesses toughest problems requires finding the best people. Kubrick's Data Engineers have been the perfect fit, bringing fantastic skills and a great deal of passion and energy.

Richard Bovey

Senior Analytics Manager at Jaguar Land Rover

A major challenge to developing Three’s Data & Analytics Centre of Excellence, was building an effective data team. Kubrick’s focus of identifying the brightest, passionate & enthusiastic junior professionals ; giving them the fundamental technical skills by an intensive 20 week development programme allows this process to be streamlined. Using Kubrick Group means we get great people with minimal commercial risk and minimal development investment.

Paul Conway

Head of Enterprise Information at Three

A broad range of data skills in a data team is essential for driving the impact out of a companies data, but finding the right skill is very difficult. Kubrick consultants not only come with the technical skill set missing in many consultancies, but also focus on employing confident consultants able to lead discussions across the business. Our Kubrick consultants are invaluable members of our team. Supportive in procurement, supportive in aftercare and affordable, Kubrick have been a pleasure to work with.

Johanna Hutchinson

Head of Data at The Pensions Regulator

A consultancy that takes the pain out of recruitment by providing trained up staff with good level of technical skill and no recruitment burden. Kubrick have provided us with a consultant that is motivated, keen to learn and eager to impress. They are a perfect fit for my team and my organization and I do not hesitate recommending them to my colleagues and friends.

Manca Vitorino

Head of Data Operations at ICIS

Kubrick has done all the hard work for me: they’ve recruited bright, young, and hungry analytical minds, and given them the perfect data toolkit to immediately add value to our growing analytics practice. Kubrick consultants have consistently surpassed my expectations, both in terms of data skills and their can-do attitude.

Caroline Zimmerman

Senior Director Data Inisghts & Analytics at BMG

We have a range of consultants ready to solve your data needs

Data Engineers

Our Data Engineers create the best environment for your data to be analysed. We'll help you to ingest, integrate and transform data for analytics with our data design and programming services.

Data Analysts

We'll help you meet the need for day-to-day decision-making across your enterprise with our analytics and development services. We also create class-leading visualisations to help make sense of your data.

Data Scientist

Our Data Scientists all have a solid grounding as engineers, so you can be confident that our advanced analytics, statistical methods and experimental design are always founded on sound engineering principles.

Business Data Analyst

Our Business Data Analyst helps build and manage an organisation's data strategy. They understand data, technology, business and how these all need to co-exist whilst maintaining excellent data governance, keeping the organisation competitive and at the same time navigating regulatory and data breaches.

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What sets our training apart?

Consultants on projects

  • 64%
  • 36%

Gender Ratio

Kubrick Group strongly believe that the data industry should embrace diversity in its teams. There is a current under-representation of women starting careers in data, Kubrick actively seek to get as many women on board with starting their careers in this field. Data Inclusive is an initiative established by data professionals at Kubrick Group, supporting diversity in companies, especially in data teams. Find out more here

  • 37%
    Masters Degree
  • 17%
    Junior Professional In Other
  • 11%
    Junior Professional In Data
  • 62%
    Under Graduate

Consultants Experience

The backgrounds of our consultants vary greatly. We have consultants working on client projects with years of experience in and out of the data industry with different levels of educational backgrounds. We welcome those with masters degrees, under graduates and those with working experience to apply and become a consultant at Kubrick Group.

  • 1%
  • 3%
  • 1%
  • 83%
    Stem Subjects
  • 13%

Educational Backgrounds

Our consultants come from different educational backgrounds. We often look for those that have studied STEM subjects as these skills are easily transferable in our training process. As well as a strong educational background, the key thing we look for in a consultant is great people skills.

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