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Considering Ethics in a Data Driven World

by Gina Sharma

Posted on November 20, 2019

To my mind, data management; understanding the quality, architecture and strategy, needs to be the first consideration when working with data. So, what part does ethical thinking play in that?

Data ethics relates to good practice around how data is collected, used and shared. We need to consider the ethical implications in data handling on people and society, either directly or indirectly. Handle data with practices that reflect the values of society. Data ethics should therefore be considered at all stages of data handling from stewardship, creating analysis, products and services, and deciding what to do next.

In-house Development with Kubrick Training Partner, Collibra

by Sarah Collins

Posted on June 10, 2019

A few weeks ago, our Tech partner Collibra flew two of their trainers over from the USA to deliver training to our Business Data Analysts free of charge, for a period of two weeks. The reason for their strong commitment was because they see us as a strategic partner in Europe and are keen to develop an effective and strongly commercial developmental path for both themselves and our Business Data Analysts.

In this post, we hear from one of our Business Data Analysts, Deven Darshane, regarding his experience of the training and what was covered over the course of the two weeks.

Top Pitfalls to Building a Data Analytics Team

by Lawrence Freeman

Posted on September 22, 2017

Building a data analytics team which is effective can be fraught with challenges right from the onset. Leading up to our event with one of our partners Tableau, on ‘Building a Modern Data Analytics Team’, we will be highlighting some of the top pitfalls – to help you with building a data analytics team more efficiently and avoid what potentially could be very costly oversights. At a high level these mainly revolve around ensuring good timing as well as defining boundaries of ownership for important topics like Change Management and GDPR.
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