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We grow amazing people into top data analysts, engineers, scientists and governance specialists.

Kubrick Group is a new kind of data consultancy

Our mission is to offer the world's most exciting organisations greater choice in how they solve their data challenges. From day one, we knew the way we prepared our consultants had to stand out and offer real value to organisations.

That's why we hire the best people and train them in the most advanced data skills and data technologies. The world class training in our data labs enables Kubrick consultants to become the next generation of Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Business Data Analysts.

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The selection process will include:

  • Telephone and Video interviews

  • An Assessment day which will give you; more information on Kubrick, a number of unique and fun problems to solve, an opportunity to meet and speak to current Kubrick Consultants who are in training and 1:1 interviews with the Kubrick team

  • If successful you will be offered a position to join and begin training!

Specialist In-House Training

  • Dedicated lab based intensive training

  • Created and delivered by industry experts

  • Preparation in the latest data technologies used by the industry

  • Professional coaching enabling you to operate confidently within a fast paced data team

  • Within the training you will work on real client projects, immediately exposing you to the exciting challenges you will eventually be working on

Project Deployment & Ongoing Development

  • When ready you will be deployed to one of Kubrick's clients to help them with solving their data challenges

  • You will also have the opportunity to join hackathons and other interesting client hosted events

  • Having constant access to our pastoral care team and technical support function will be there to help and guide you

  • You will always have the chance to give back and work with the Kubrick community and Data Inc

  • Each year you will be given the chance to enhance your skills and knowledge and select from various development days from the Kubricks Development Calendar

Kubrick Certified Professional

After 2 years working with clients you become certified as a Data Engineer, Analyst, Scientist or Governance specialist. You then have the choice to join the client permanently or continue working with Kubrick






Embrace the vast array of data available; as a qualified Kubrick Group professional you will have complete confidence in extracting and preparing data no matter what shape or form that it may be thrown at you. Although every project has some data in a structured format such as a database, you will have the confidence to scrape data from the more unusual and challenging unstructured sources such as the Internet, social media, news or streaming.


Garbage in, garbage out. The world of data analytics is no different! Data visualisations or data driven predictions cannot be made correctly unless your base data is cleansed. Effort required in data cleansing is occasionally overlooked as less important and often denied the recognition it deserves. Our qualified professionals embark on their client data projects as data processing experts. The results? Simple, accurate and meaningful visualisations and predictive models which will drive client projects forward producing answers the stakeholders can trust.

Analysis & Presentation

Data analytics presents itself in many guises including: visual, predictive and prescriptive. High level predictive disciplines at Kubrick Group include understanding and implementation of statistical as well as machine learning models including text analytics, deep learning and other skills ranging from white to black box techniques.

Additionally our consultants learn from our technology partners who specialise in industries including Anti Money Laundering (AML),Risk Analytics, Financial Services and Security Analytics.

We also strongly believe in the value of story-telling through impactful, visually stunning data narratives, using D3.js, Tableau and amongst many others.


Quality logical data modelling results in data which is presented in such a way that matches the requirements of the software connecting to it, enabling the data to be analysed in the most efficient way possible. Good data modelling comes with a logical approach and well written documentation to justify the design.

Our Kubrick Consultants can design data models within complex client environments as well as familiar concepts such as social media production ready for analysis.

What You Can Become With Kubrick Group

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Please note that at present we are unable to apply for visa sponsorship.

As of 25 May 2018, we're aligning with the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We've updated our privacy policy to provide you with more information on how Kubrick protects your privacy, including information on how to exercise your rights to your data. Click to read the updated Privacy Policy here.