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Considering Ethics in a Data Driven World

by Gina Sharma

Posted on November 20, 2019

To my mind, data management; understanding the quality, architecture and strategy, needs to be the first consideration when working with data. So, what part does ethical thinking play in that?

Data ethics relates to good practice around how data is collected, used and shared. We need to consider the ethical implications in data handling on people and society, either directly or indirectly. Handle data with practices that reflect the values of society. Data ethics should therefore be considered at all stages of data handling from stewardship, creating analysis, products and services, and deciding what to do next.

The rise of Data Governance within insurance: SMEs vs large businesses

by Farah Bukhari

Posted on November 11, 2019

Business Data Analyst, Farah Bukhari uses her Kubrick experience to explain the variance in data governance practices in difference sized organisations. Using theories taught in Kubrick’s 16-week development programme as well as practical experience learnt during placements at insurance companies, Farah gives an in-depth insight into the power of data governance strategies regardless of business size.

Farah is 15 months into her employment with Kubrick and is now consulting at a global insurer.
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