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Why are Bots Named after Females?

by Karina Gorasia

Posted on October 11, 2018

With Amazon and Microsoft opting for the female characters of Alexa and Cortana to respectively represent their bots, alongside the feminine voices of Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant, we see a theme occurring in the industry when assigning a gender to virtual assistant bots. Why is it that when designing this AI, we are seeing so many bots introduced to the market under female names?

Regulated Algorithms - Do we Need Them?

by Arthur Duffen

Posted on October 02, 2018

Have you heard of an algorithm called PredPol? COMPASS? VALCRI? They are all used in the criminal justice system. COMPASS predicts the likelihood of a criminal reoffending and is used by judges in US courts to help decide on a sentence.

Automation and Jobs Which are at Threat

by Rahul Patel

Posted on September 19, 2018

Automation, a topic which needs to be discussed more frequently. I’m sure we’ve all had the same debate. Sitting around the television screen on a Saturday evening watching Terminator, with a big plate of nachos, when someone brings up how AI will soon take over the world and enslave humans. However, are we really going to be ruled by the iPhone?! What is this colossal disruption that seems to have every industry panic-stricken?
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