Innovation Lab

Our most flexible model, utilising our most experienced consultants with our technology platforms to answer your business questions through data

What Is The Innovation Lab?

The Innovation Lab was born from the need for organisations to be able to experiment, prove a hypothesis or ask questions of their data. It offers a space for solving these queries off-site and away from the day-to-day constraints of the workplace.

Kubrick's most experienced staff – the next generation of data engineers, analysts and scientists – make up The Innovation Lab

Zones of innovation

Relationship & Entity Mapping

  • Organisation management and optimisation

  • Client relationship mapping

  • Cyber network analysis

  • External data enhancing enterprise data

  • Investigations and profiling

Webscraping / Information gathering

  • Competitor analysis

  • Social media gathering

  • Data-set production

  • Cyber risk assessment

  • Free text document to structured data

Text analytics

  • Brand sentiment engines

  • Employee sentiment analysis

  • Data processing automation

  • Document topic modelling

  • Fraud detection

  • Customer satisfaction analysis

Statistical & predictive modelling

  • Churn analysis

  • Credit risk analysis

  • Sales & stock forecasting

  • Recommendation systems

  • Market trend analysis

Data visualization

  • Dashboard building

  • Custom graph production

  • Multidimensional visualisations for clear actionable insights

  • Cloud based dashboard analysis

  • Infographics for data driven narrative

Case studies

Kubrick unlock actionable insights and trends by uniting fashion sales and social media fashion sentiment

  • Merge of multiple social media streams and internal sales data to show accurate performance of sales vs public fashion sentiment

  • Consolidation of all data sources into easily queryable data lake

  • Production of simple to use front-end platform for analysis (website front-end)

  • Concept now being productionised to better predict stock levels and reduce waste

Kubrick enable InsureTech Company to predict credit score and delinquency rate with up to 85% accuracy.

  • Production of predictive engine to return accurate delinquency and credit scores

  • Identification of key credit score change parameters

  • Consolidation of all data sources into an easily queryable data lake

  • Analysis of company bankruptcy trends identifying tell-tale signs of company failure.

Kubrick utilises Text Analysis to drive highly complex website structure

  • Detailed interactive map of website including all documentation and interrelationships of information types

  • PDF text parsing using Python

  • Document clustering using un-supervised machine learning

  • Document hierarchy using text analysis & Google Analytics

Kubrick drive insurance risk assessment by harnessing the power of external data

  • Production of cyber risk assessment engine.

  • Scraping & engineering of numerous external data sources to provide improved insights into insurance risks.

  • Social media scraping engine & relationship mapping to detect fraud

  • Production of predictive model to predict cyber data breaches

Kubrick derive customer honesty through deep analysis of customer behaviour

  • Data quality grading based on analysis of over 60 million transaction records

  • Ability to produce personalised advertising campaigns based on granular segmentation.

Company understands employee sentiment better through analysis of open source company data

  • Production of topic modelling engine to analyse employee reviews

  • Scraping of numerous online data sources to produce a deep view of employees

  • Production of flexible, interactive web-based dashboards for executive interrogation.

Data Driven Approach to handling bad publicity

  • Automatic ingestion of multiple online data sources

  • Sentiment analysis on free-text data

  • Linking & network analysis between journalists & publishers

Natural Language Processing driven web content restructuring

  • Automatic scraping and logging of all website locations & paths

  • Visual mapping of all website interactions and locations # topic analysis & NLP to determine website re-structuring

  • Google Analytics deepdive

Employee Churn analytics

  • Scraping and aggregation of employee review websites

  • Normalization & NLP of reviews

  • Automated reporting and analytics of results

Trend analytics in retail correlated to social media

  • Social media scraping & aggregation

  • NLP and trend analysis on both internal and external data

  • Automated reporting and analytics to drive marketing campaigns & seasonality understanding.

The benefits

Our Data Lab is an innovation and project center that gives our clients a swift and economical solution to rapidly solve business challenges away from the legacy of the enterprise.


  • Lower cost threshold to create initial trial solutions

  • Access to cutting edge technology

  • Leverage unstructured data to create tangible business advantage

Technology Partners

  • Proof concepts from organisations experiencing your technology

  • Showcase your latest technology

  • Improve products based upon cutting edge projects


  • Real use cases and data to solve business challenges

  • Helps our junior consultants learn, work and achieve

  • Hackathons organised for organisations in a sandpit environment