Tom Sellers Project

Progressive, current, and visionary. Three words to easily describe the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration. Three words to describe influencer and Michelin star restaurant owner Tom Sellers, who we recently had the opportunity to run an exciting project for. Three words to also explain Kubrick Group.

It’s no doubt that after meeting Tom there is a clear correlation between luxury brands, the direction they are going in and the story Tom is creating for himself and his restaurant. Carrying on with this theme it's important to consider the fact that Virgil Abloh; founder of haute streetwear label Off-White became artistic director for Louis Vuitton. The importance of this move is phenomenal, as it represents the direction luxury brands are going in… streetwear is the new high-end fashion. Relatively, Tom is shaping the direction in which fine dining can go and how things are perceived. You wouldn’t usually associate a chef with being an influencer, but this is part of the story being told.

Following on from having a vision and making a difference, we feel this resonates very closely to what Kubrick is setting out to achieve. By hiring young professionals and giving them the toolkits to tackle the biggest data problems commercially, we are creating a current and intuitive workforce of the future. With Tom being as progressive as he is, he understands the importance of utilising big data to predict future trends in the industry and how to use big data to best benefit him.

On our recent project with Tom, we wanted to pinpoint which luxury brands were best suited to Tom based on text analysis and web scraping of over a billion words via over 150,000 different sources and social media sites. Why did we choose to do this? We wanted to represent what Tom is like as an influencer and a brand, predicting which brands are going to be the most progressive similar to high-end and streetwear brands, we had a vision for the type of project we could knock out the park for him, and we wanted to show how this was possible with the power of data.

These radar graphs show a brand and its respective score for each attribute defining a core element of a brand's identity.

This scatter plot shows Michelin Star restaurants clustered together based on similarity. The restaurants that are plotted nearest to Restaurant Story are restaurants that have been calculated as the most similar to Story, based on Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Time Out and food critic restaurant review data i.e. the way people are talking about these restaurants. Similarly, the restaurants plotted furthest away from Restaurant Story are restaurants that are the least like Story

by Andrew Sargood

Posted on June 13, 2018